Ubuntu 20.04 CfileException 0 (solution)

Ive got a machine running ubuntu 20.04, and it was getting tedious having a windows partition just to use sketchup, so I installed wine, then the redist, then sketchup 2017.
There are plenty of resources online on how to do this so I wont go into that here, but i will go into a rather large problem, saving. Since i started, the only way for me to save was to use “save as” and save my model under a different name, due to either sketchup or wine locking the skp file.
If youre having this issue, try this:
Go into the wine folder, normally a hidden folder (press CTRL+H on ubuntu to get to them.) its normally under a location like /home/“your-username”/.wine
then go into program files then sketchup, then rename the file “sketchup_webhelper.exe” to something else, like “sketchup_webhelper.exe.old” then open your model and try and save (CTRL+S) it worked for me, even through a reboot.

Full file address: /home/“your-username”/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/SketchUp/SketchUp 2017/sketchup_webhelper.exe