Tyson's SU adventures

We all have those side projects, models created late at night just for fun. These are some of mine.


This is my favorite thing, today.

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They look great but I cannot quite make out whether one of the objects is a camera or a weapon…

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Haha, ya, fair enough. I’m guessing it’s the turret you are referring to. It’s from a game: Team Fortress 2, definitely a weapon. But hey, would make for a great camera too.

Nice work, Tyson. Is that flame thrower for clearing the snow from your driveway?

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Very impressive detailed work!

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You know it, Dave. Works pretty well for those fall leaves and summer grilling as well. :wink:


Wow Tyson! Your awesome models make me all nostalgic…I can’t believe it’s over 10 years ago…
I must have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours playing TF2 back in the day it was released.
The development took some unfortunate turns over the first years and the game lost its first amazing looks and luster.
But I still get a very warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I think about the many nights of intense fighting with all the lovely people in the teams I’ve played with, and against.
I was of course usually playing as the Engineer, and sometimes the Pyro =D
Thank you Tyson for bringing the memories back!


Thanks JL. Haha, that’s awesome to hear. Ya, such a great style and props to Valve for setting the bar so high with this game and the balance of diverse characters. Plus I love all those character cinematics so much, now that you’ve posted one, I’ll probably have to go watch a few. Woohoo!

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Very cool stuff!

Are they 3D printable? By that I mean are all objects solids and all faces normalized?

Would take a bit of cleaning I think, not everything is solid, but it’s been a consideration, would certainly be fun.