Some game art i created using sketchup pro

This last week, i decided to put all my medical and aerospace engineering classes, books, papers, away for a few weeks and just start something new.

Growing up in the 90’s and being in highschool the early 2000’s i really enjoyed video games with my family members before they past away at such an early age. One of my greatest memories was playing warcraft, world of warcraft and D&D with them.

So, this week i have been focusing on creating some 3d printable(personal use only or free) D&D type pieces:) Still a work in progress but really fun to create.

thanks for lookin!


Those are nice models!

My son got me interested in WoW during its original beta days (September-October 2004). I still play a little almost every day. :slight_smile:

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Thats cool. Good for you guys:) i graduated 03 and then left for a couple of years. When i came back home, in 05, i started playing wow. I am on a private server now so i dont have to pay and none of my gaming friends like wow hahaha

I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully you won’t be bothered when people rip off your future work without permission.

I see what you mean, but Private servers are legal, just limited in what i can do. Even blizzard has defined wow as a service not a product. Its in the copyright of the game, that as long as you ow it legally, which i do, you can make a server:)

I guess I shouldn’t have opened the rat-hole regarding World of Warcraft. In my opinion, essentially everything you wrote above is incorrect. End of story for me.

I understand:) and i commend you for sticking to it. I only know because blizzard came out a while back about and said wow is a service not a product and it wasnt against their policy.

Have you done any concept art in su pro?