Modeling a Lightsaber Live with Tyson!

This Wednesday Tyson will be modeling a lightsaber, live!


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There are so many sabers to choose from! Here’s a couple of the more prolific ones:


About a year ago, Aaron did an amazing job at modeling these 2 iconic sabers: Luke’s and Vader’s. Great stuff, turned out amazing.

I’ll tell you where my head is at today. I was thinking, rather than any specific or known saber from that Galaxy far, far away… I was just going to go through several theoretical sabers as a way to talk about some of the tips and techniques that are helpful for these types of models. Also, we’ll model a Kyber crystal.

Anyway, that’s where my head is at. Any thoughts?


Obi Wan’s from “A New Hope”.

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Nice work @TysonK, that was an excellent session. I learnt a load of new tricks so thanks very much.

Thanks much! Hope we didn’t get into the weeds too much.

Hey all, for the few of you interested, here’s the model and some crystals from today’s session. If you create your own version, render this out, or become a famous lightsaber/ recorder artist, please share with us so we can all enjoy! Cheers!


Love the design. Had to render it of course. For those that might be interested…while it looks easy to do at quick glance, there are actually a few tricks needed to make the lighting effect work accurately. Check back on May 4th for step by step process :wink:


Nice work, Tyson.

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excelente video cabe destacar que sketchup y su equipo hacen un buen trabajo , felicitaciones

Eric was giving me some V-Ray render tips, I got the bug, so, here’s a first pass for this saber. Thanks all for joining us!


Nice job!