Two parter: consistent internal error involving any curve, and drawings just disappeared within my file

I recently updated to 2023.1, and I’ve been having consistent internal errors in all my files. I’ve narrowed it down to what prompts it- every time I try to copy a circle, or a curve, it gives me an internal error that isn’t fixable. If I group the circle, it copies, but then go to explode it and I get the same prompt and won’t let me. I thought it had something to do with a more complicated file I’m drawing, but it happens in every file. Even a brand new one.

Secondly, I was just working on the below drawing and everything disappeared when I hit the flip tool. I’m a seasoned sketchup user of 15 years and this is a first. I’ve hit zoom extends, checked tags, checked views, it’s gone. Also, the drawing tools aren’t even working so I truly am confused about what is going on here. I have an earlier version that I saved so I’ve uploaded both files to compare. If anyone is willing to assist, I would really appreciate it. I’m wondering if I need to redownload 2023 if it’s faulty or maybe a setting I need to change? What’s going on!!

I was able to recover the blank file, just copied everything with Ctrl+A and pasted in a new file.

Shapiro 2_22 blank.skp (518.8 KB)

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That’s amazing- thank you so much. Really appreciate your help!

The issue with the blank model is that somehow the camera has been moved off to an impossibly large distance from the model. This causes the model to be invisibly small. Most often this kind of error occurs when working in Parallel Projection, as that projection makes it impossible to tell how far the camera is from the model. It can also happen if there is content very far from the main part of the model or if the model axes have been moved. The model you shared was in Perspective Projection, had no remote or large content, and the axes were normal. So, I don’t see any “smoking gun” for how it got that way.

Alas, once this happens, zoom is not able to recover a sensible camera position. The copy-paste technique @francisquitof gave is possibly the simplest way to cause SketchUp to reset the camera position without resorting to Ruby code.

Edit: the other issue says that somehow the geometry database in SketchUp has been corrupted in a way that SketchUp can’t figure out how to repair without removing items from the database. I’m not sure what operations trigger SketchUp to check for errors, but possibly grouping the circle does not, and releasing the circle back into the model does. The fact that it is happening to every file suggests the issue might arise from something your template. Try opening one of the standard templates and see if the issue happens in that too.

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something I find puzzling is… why are your axis turned off in the View menu ? it doesn’t help.

also, and it’s a matter of personal preference, I avoid working with white faces on a white background. It’s the best way to NOT have a face and not realise it. use an off-white or grey background, and you’ll see better what’s going on.

Capture d’écran 2024-02-23 à 16.42.38

as soon as I added the axis, I could locate the origin and your model. the camera, in both parallel and perspective, was indeed very far. I used the zoom window to get closer, and closer, and suddenly, it was fixed. (at some point I had to click on it again, no idea why)

Steve analysis was on point, it was a camera problem, so far that zooming in or out was broken in both perspective and parallel.
but this trusty tool doesn’t care about how far you are, it’ll just show you the area you select
Capture d’écran 2024-02-23 à 16.51.09

Also, again, using axis helps finding the origin. and as you can see, my working style is a contrasted blue / green variant. helps me to see what I’m doing.

What Francis made, in the end, was simply to transfer everything to a file with an unbroken camera. sometimes, it’s not worth fixing stuff, his method works :wink:

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Great feedback- thanks so much! -emily

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Thanks so much- I usually have multiple files open at once- so I closed them all and restarted sketch up and the internal error prompt issue went away.

Good news! That says that SketchUp’s in-memory database somehow got corrupted while you were working. Restarting SketchUp cleared its memory, and reopening files caused it to regenerate the in-memory database.