Internal Error

Every time I go to save or even do many of the functions (such as push / pull or copy / paste) I get an error message that says “internal error”. I have tried logging out and logging back into my SketchUp Pro, that isn’t working and I’m getting rather frustrated. It then says “An unexpected error occurred and the operation cannot be completed. This may be resolved by checking the model for problems and fixing them” and gives me the option to hit “fix problem” or “cancel”… and when I hit fix problem, it sends me to this validity check pop up that’s pretty useless. (see attached image) Ive never experienced this problem before, any help is appreciated!!

Share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with.


I can’t even create an individual circle on its own and push / pull it, let alone copy / paste it.

I can’t check your file right now but try purging it, if the problem is still there copy everything and paste it on a new file.

Your file didn’t give me any error messages. Did you purge it before posting?

I know of one way I can make the “invalid ID” error to happen: Model something. Select it. Make the selection a component. Then save your model, using the same name you used for the component. Then import the resulting file into a new model. Now you have a component that references itself.

The correcr way to make component files is to make a component, select it, right-click and select “save as” frin the context meny. In that wat you don’t get the extra layer of component nesting.

the problem seems to be the circles, which again I’ve never experienced before… but ill give this a try. I usually make things components, I tried copying it and starting a new file but couldn’t copy :frowning: thanks y’all for the help

I can sse that you might be running into the validity errors with some of the very small geometry like the L channel if you extrude the ring. Is that supposed to be a single object? Another place that’s going to crete probples for you is where the triangle extrusion intersects the ring extrusion. Five thousandths of an inch is really small.
Screenshot - 5_11_2023 , 4_48_35 PM

I tried to extrude the circular tube to make it a component… before attaching it to the L. Or in this case I have done this a million times where I extrude the circle, then add the interior lines for the vertical shelves and extrude those (which surprisingly worked!)

In your model those things are all loose geometry.

Do you have a photo of what that ring and L-channel are supposed to look like? There’s no way the real object would be a single thing with the ring joined to the L-channel only at the tangent point.

If they are supposed to be a single object model it like this.
Screenshot - 5_11_2023 , 5_14_14 PM