Twisting a cylinder

I need to twist the top of a cylinder from the base such that the vertical lines become a helix. I have tried various scaling options but no luck. Apologise if this has been reported before. Cheers, Bruce

Check out FredoScale availabe on SketchUcation. It has a Box Twisting option:

In my trial at this the cylinder gets distorted if you rotate too much cylinder gets distorted. Is there a way to rotate it and retain the shape of the cylinder? Seems to me like I saw some type of tutorial on this a long time ago but could not find it. Might have been on the SketchUcation site.

Thanks, I will check this out. Cheers, Bruce

The Spirix plugin allows you to twist any arbitrary profile using a specified number of segments:

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There can be some distortion when twisting like that. Sometimes it’s better to draw a helix and use it to create the surfaces which can be copied around a centerline. I’ve done a few tutorials showing that approach although the shapes are slightly more complex than a cylinder.

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