Twist Drill Bit Box

Too many twist drill bits all over the place led me to model a bit box. Now that I have it modeled, tagged, scences made … I see at least one big, bit problem. How do you get your fingers inside the box to get the smaller bits. I might have to make a hinged door on one of the sides. Oh well.
Drill Bit Box.skp (311.2 KB)

What’s wrong with a coffee can? That always worked for my grand dad on the farm. :smiley:

I think you need to make the front and back of the box shallower and the top deeper.

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I knew you would have an easy solution. I’ll fix it that way.

Folgers or Maxwell House?

Sorry, we drink German coffee that doesn’t come in a plastic can. My Frau and I just like it.

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It’s not right to store your drill bits in a paper sack with a wire closure thing at the top. It needs to be a rusty old Folgers can.

Weird how that reminded me of the following. After my siblings and I spread out parents ashes my brother took my father’s urn home to his shop and filled it with rusty old screws and bent nails that are too good to discard. Dad would have loved that.


Those were for leftover nails and screws. I can still hear the rattle caused by searching in one for a specific size or a nut to match a screw…
My Dad’s generation never threw anything remotely usable away. The small outhouse still has some of the coffee cans with nutless bolts and boltless nuts and slightly twisted nails.


I’m bad about that too. I save all those things in plastic jars.

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This is mine. I lost the clear plastic cover.

That looks more organized than mine, even with the missing lid. I have something like 8 - 3/8 inch bits and even more 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch. I think my late father-in-law loaded us up with old stuff and lots of duplicates.