Need help with adding a hole for hex head bolt

I’m designing a part the has a 1/4 inch bolt in it but I’m having a problem. I have no problem getting the hole in the part but the hex head is on a contour and I can’t get it to take, could anyone be so kind as to help me with how to go about doing this? I’ve attacked a pic of the part. Thx

Here’s the skp file also.
Butler Holder.skp (1.3 MB)

Imagine a cutter that could cut the hex-shaped recess and drill the hole in one go. Draw that shape and intersect it with the part. Then erase the unneeded edges. Make sure the part and the cutter are in the same context. That is, neither is a component or group or you open the component/group to add the cutter to it.

I’m working from my phone at the moment so I can’t show it in pictures.

Thx for the reply DaveR. When you get where you can I’ll need some pointers if you wouldn’t mind.

Maybe I can do a live thing for you in about an hour and fifteen.

That would be great! I’ll set a timer for 5:30 and let you know when I’m back on line.

Check your private messages.

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