Drill Bit Box Handle

I keep making changes to this. You now see it has a lid and a handle. I put all my bits in three drill bit holders (not just my twist drill bits) that I have already made. I’m in the process of making the lid and the handle. Everything in the skp file is tagged. You can turn off the visibility of the box and lid folder and see just the handle. That is the part that is in question. I can glue the parts together but it has to fit loosely under the lid and the box. Otherwise, I won’t be able to lift the lid. It needs a handle, because all my bits made it heavy. Can anyone think of a better way to form a handle?
Drill Bit Box.skp (738.9 KB)

Yes. Make the lid in two pieces. Split the lid into two pieces the long direction on top and both ends. Hinge both lid sections to the base, attach some catches on the lid to secure them to each other. Then attach your handle on top of one of the lids. Offset the lid split so the handle can be centered.

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Thanks, rkleins I’ll try that and post what I get.

Using two hasps instead of hinges, I did not have to split the box. I just fasten the bottom leaf to the bottom of the box (Note, I had to put in a rub jointed piece on the bottom.). I fasten the hoop plate to the lid. When I rotate the top leaf of the hasps down, the lid lifts up without anything else.
Drill Bit Box.skp (854.5 KB)

Nice idea and it looks good. Probably convenient to be able to set the lid aside. Start cutting wood!

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