Twinmotion 2023 - Trimble please sell Sketchup to Epic

Me too! My brain never adapts and it makes me CRAZY. No other application behaves this way. My spoken words when this happens would be a problem if I ever did live-stream modeling.

On rare occasions I want it to, but I’d like the default to be the other way. Same here: with the extension you have to remember on restarting SketchUp to reset it. I wish you could make it a default that sticks.

50/50 for me. Keyboard shortcut is essential for this. In fact I’ll hide rest of model to pick a face then in mid Push-Pull toggle it back on again to find a reference outside the group.

I dare say, SketchUp was developed for Windows before MacOS and it shows. The other way around produces better user interfaces. Even Microsoft Word and Excel as mouse/windowing interface apps were developed for Mac before they had even created Windows as an OS.

!!! I love it when I learn something new! Thanks!

I really love sketchup, I’ve being using it for over ten years, since I was in university, and I “preach” it to my colleagues every time I can, for me it’s one of the best softwares for architects, I love how easy it is to go from 3D to 2D, and have te ability to create awesome documents or presentations, but the complain I always get it’s the poor performance specially on LayOut if the project is big, I’ve developed entire projects just using SKP and LO, and I wish I could use it for all my projects but at some point it’s just imposible to work with, I don’t want to wait 3 minutes just for adding or moving from one page to another. I don’t want more tools or features being added, the only thing I want is to improve the performance, I don’t know much about programming, and I’m not really sure if this problem can be fixed, but it would be nice to have a public roadmap like blender or twinmotion to know what to expect of the program, on twinmotions roadmap website people can even ask for request of whatever they need, maybe they don’t even check all the requests but it’s nice to think you’re being heard.

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