Twinmotion 2023 - Trimble please sell Sketchup to Epic

!!! I love it when I learn something new! Thanks!

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So on this thread (Layout is useless - #67 by gsharp) we have been discussing roadmaps and why or why not a company publishes them.

Moving my thoughts here because it fits better.

Saw this article today. Roadmaps are not a legal issue for public companies. Roadmap publishing is an internal decision made by the leadership of a company as they weigh risk to their product.

I would wonder about the history of Sketchup going back to it’s first days. How has this roadmap decision been made and why have all the parent companies made the decision to keep the product roadmap private instead of public?

Im assuming it’s a parent company decision and not Sketchup’s…I may be wrong on that.

Justin, thanks for saying this.

Im a fan of Blender for sure especially their development process and how unified their software is to accomplish so many different workflow types.

But as of yet, they can’t replace Sketchup for engineering accuracy nor can they produce 2D drawings. I also have found their UI liberating in it’s versatility but the modeling space to be somewhat counter-intuitive to how I have learned to model in Sketchup. Call me stuck in my ways I guess. Faced similar issues in Inventor and Fusion 360.

I think for me Blender is a great example of a similar software with a leadership style that seeks to really hear their customers and involve them in the process. Not being a full time user I could have that completely wrong, but from the outside it appears that they are very interested in finding solutions to user wants and needs which can be seen in the way their roadmap is built. Funny how that happens.

And, rightly so, that sounds like im bashing the Sketchup team as having no ears and a complete unwillingness to listen.

This is hardly the case. Basecamp really showed me that and my limited interactions with various product managers and upper level leaders has showed me that they do have a plan and care very much about it and our thoughts on it. Just sayin’ that to say that Im not interested in being negative because Im a complainer.

Want to be reasonable and hear reasoned answers. Thanks for yours

I’ve scanned that article and I don’t read it the way you state it in respect of roadmaps and publicly traded companies.

The article is littered with the word public but in all cases seems to refer to making your roadmap public and not referring to whether there is a legal issue with a publicly traded company publishing a roadmap.

I’m ambivalent, but hey, it would be nice if it were possible to have a roadmap.

I think I am reading it’s absence of “Private companies can’t publish roadmaps so don’t do it” as a kind of permission to say that there is no legal requirement for roadmaps.

My assumption perhaps? In searching it out, I don’t see any place where it says that roadmaps are a legal issue. Just appears to be a company culture decision.

And, yes, at the end of the day…roadmap or no roadmap Im still using Sketchup. It’s not a hill to die on for me. Would just be nice to know where the family is going on vacation every once in a while.

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I agree, there should be a roadmap so the users can check if their requests have been taken into account, I know it’s impossible to please everyone, some people request silly things but there are some good ideas in this forum, specially for LayOut. The roadmap doesn’t even need to be huge with a lot of new features, sketchup is already a great software that has added a lot of new features and tools over the years, twinmotion was acquired by epic games in 2019 and they have been adding new tools more frequently cause epic already had unreal engine and it has a ton of tools that are useful on TM, and still there are a lot more that need to be added like nanite and lumen. Sketchup roadmap should look like the release notes after every new version but before.


One question needs to be answered, How many users are current paid subscriptions? The amount will dictate the development or lack thereof.

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One question needs to be answered, How many users are current paid subscriptions? The level of continuing development or lack thereof will dictate the number of subscriptions.

Perhaps it’s a catch-22.

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Wow…that’s some serious philosophy for the forums. :crazy_face: