Animation Trimble Connect Visualiser


I read somewhere it was based in Unreal Engine. I use Twinmotion, but handing this out to clients for them to play might be nice.

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I might have written that somewhere on this forum, but it actually uses the Unity 3D game engine
Anyway, SketchUp models have a lot more textures available then Tekla structures
(Windows only…)

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You can also do this with the Animator plugin while using some rendering software and their textures/materials unless you are saying with Trimble Connect you are not viewing the animation as a video.

Am I missing something?

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Well, the video shows the animation I created in the desktop app (Trimble Connect for windows) while viewing a whole folder of models)!) in less than two minutes.

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OK - I messed up. Sorry… :blush:

How do you share that with a client that doesn’t have TC ?

It can export png’s but not the animation itself, though you can create a screenrecording, offcourse.

If you invite the client to the project, you can share the 3D models and data.

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Yes I was aware of sharing the model, was hoping there was a way to share the rendered model in the same way. Currently using Twinmotion Presenter, I can send a client a link which they can open in a browser and explore a rendered model, pan, orbit zoom, etc. Only draw back is 2GB size limit and only 720P

Epic! :wink:

Unreal! :smiley:

Just kidding here, the visualiser uses Nintendo’s 3D Game engine ‘Unity’, not sure if it will get developed in the direction that Twinmotion is heading.

I just like a ‘one button’ rendering solution


Would suggest that people want to present their models on the Web take a look at Shapespark. It has some really interesting features including interactivity and all the viewer needs is a browser.