Twinmotion 2023 - Trimble please sell Sketchup to Epic

the pace of improvement in Twinmotion since Epic bought it has been outstanding…
Epic need a modeller in their software suite…
please sell Sketchup to them and put us out of our misery!

Twinmotion cost me $2000 in 2016
It now costs $400
it is free for non-commercial use
t is still a perpetual license
it is vastly more capable than 2016

does Trimble have the same development path?

Oh! they also have a roadmap


Where do you find the free for non commercial use link?

While your points may be valid, they will never happen. :unamused:


I agree that they work a lot, bringing many updates every year. Great software.

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They have a really generous license system - read more here Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine

Like @gsharp I can only admire how much Unreal and Twinmotion (and Blender) have been developed in the last 10 years. Its absolutely mind blowing what Unreal is capable of nowadays. I think the success of Fortnite has a big role in that in generating money to recruit / enable developers to continuously improve. They need to continuously improve and be a front runner or the triple-A game studios won’t buy a license.


OK but when I go to their web site (Twinmotion) I see a free trial version but it does not give a time frame. They have really come a long way though.

See here: unlimited trial for non-commercial work. Twinmotion Licensing and Pricing | Free Trial Available - Twinmotion

Fortnite + massive investment from China in more recent years has really allowed them to make broad moves into multiple industries.

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Highlight the portion to quote , just above the highlighted portion the word quote will appear, click it.

It’s an unlimited time free trial. (I know, it’s hard to believe)

Try Twinmotion for free for as long as you need for non-commercial use, or upgrade to the full-featured version for yourself or your company.

I see that someone’s already said it…

It’s still cool.

Thanks - I got it now… :grinning:

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Please, at least partner with Twinmotion. Sketchup is becoming an embarrassments, if it isn’t already.

It’s amazing the amount of posts complaining about sketchup lack of development and poor performance compared to other softwares, specially with blender and epic programs which are free. Everyone has a limit of patience and if they don’t solve their problems soon the users will reach their limit and Trimble will lost a lot of customers=money.

Maybe a benefit to the users and potentially profit to Trimble BUT what does Epic get out of the deal. They already have a modeller.

I am greatful that TM deals with *.skp natively. It wasn’t like that during the initial releases.

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It truly is amazing, you pay for what you get. SketchUp is a bargain compared to the others, they cost hundreds more.

Weird - it’s amazing to me the number of people who complain about SketchUp compared to programs like Blender with absolutely no clue of the actual capabilities of Blender (or lack thereof in a lot of areas).

People talk big, but for the things SketchUp excels at, like Architectural Modeling, CAD modeling, creation of 2D plans, etc, I’m not actually seeing a ton of people switching because SketchUp is actually a lot better in those areas. That’s coming from someone who also loves Blender.



also, there is not such a big amount of post from people complaining.
Since the release of SU23, we’ve had what, 40 persons posting complaints ? 50 ?
over how many million users total thousands forum users ?

This is the perverse thing about feedback, you only hear the discontent, people with complaints and reproaches. Nobody is going to create a thread “yeah, I’m ok with SU23”.

yeah… no. they might loose a few, although they can simply revert to SU2022 while waiting for the fixes. and they’ll still gain more - I mean, why the iPad version? besides, what other architectural design 3d modeler can you get for this price, right ? a time share on revit ?

I’ve given up on posting critics and wish lists years ago… it’s pointless.


I don’t have any knowledge of any other modeling program. Sketchup is all I’ve ever worked in and I’ve spent a ton of time over the years learning as much about it as I can. You, Justin, were and are a great help in that regard.

My complaints are about the annoyances in my day to day use of it, annoyances that I have posted here a number of times and / or read in the posts of others.

In over a decade of using Sketchup, I STILL make the mistake of thinking that the return key will close a field (unlike every other piece of software I own) on tags or instance info and make that mistake at least several times a day.

I would NEVER want a newly created tag to be included in an already created scene. Yet, this is the default behavior which cannot be changed. Thank goodness for the Auto Invisible Layers extension, but I often forget to activate it on a new start up session.

I NEVER want the model to dim or disappear when I enter into a group or component. While I can understand the usefulness of that for some, many even most, I reference other objects all the time when modifying a group, so want to be able to see them clearly. Why can’t I set this as a default for my own preferences?

Zooming in / out, if the mouse isn’t over an object is very problematic, as it zooms way to far in. In changing from “architectural” units to “engineering” and back, why isn’t the display precision persistent?

There seems to be no interface guidelines for the priceless plug in developers, so the way one works doesn’t match the way another does.

I could go on and on with this, as I’m sure many could. Sketchup is (was, actually) priced well, comparatively, and very easy to learn. But it just lacks the spit and polish of other professional level software, IMHO.