My name Ili
An Architect/Civil and lived mostly on AutoCADD.

I started on Revit for 3D - was hooked on it but cannot afford the price.

I like to learn Sketch-up and been learning from few Tutorials. From the Tutorials have seen so far i did not see much of Contouring.
Most of my sites are sloping and can be rugged in PNG and the Pacific Islands.

The other area i would like to learn more about is Hyperbolic shapes as i am doing a lot of Indigenous designs where curves shapes are required. The Australian Aboriginal build their Miamia and its got that Hypebolic shapes.

Can you forward to me some Tutorials and this please and i will buy licence for Sketch-up 15.

I have only seen WorkshopAddict and MasterSketchup.com tutorials and ok.

Would like to see more tutorials before i am comepletly convinced.
Need your help!
Regards Iliapi Taoi - iliapi@bigpond.com

(You should edit your post and delete the email address, you will be reachable here without it too.)

There are plugins to help you with more complex curves, e.g.:

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Have you seen this?

The Sandboxtool you will find here:

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You can easily construct a hyperbola simply by taking a vertical slice from a cone.

You can also simply trace an imported image of a hyperbola. And once you have a hyperbola drawn, you can scale its height and width individually to create a whole family of hyperbolas. Frankly, though, given that the mia mia is hand built from sticks, you may not have to worry about slight deviations from perfect hyperbolic form.



And more