Tutorial on color tool in layout

Everytime I use color tool in LO I get so frustrated - it seems there are a lot of features I simply do not know how to handle? Is there a video/tutorial available I could look at to learn the simple things? Just like I have a favourite green - I suppose I could “save” it and easlily chose it again - but how?
I also find it hard just to change color.

Click and drag (see animated GIF above)

Oh my! Sooo simple! Thank you

And if you want a specific colour from outside LO (this may be easier on a Mac - not sure).

Thank you - I just need to practise more and with your tips it really helps!

you are not alone Suzanne…it is a clunky slow interface, perversely different from SU ( or any other major graphics software) and less efficient… how LAYOUT got so wrong is completely baffling to me!

I totally agree with you!!! Layout gives you the option to save only colours, without any information.

Problems occur when we have no “object” or “paragraph” styling assignment, other than a style painter! It means either collecting objects by layer so all can all be selected and changed or by using the style sample tool and painting individually! It’s a serious pain!