Layout - Color out of line in Mac

In Layout, the color spills over the lines and doesn’t look how I have it in Sketchup. I’ve tried the rendering options of Vector, Raster, and Hybrid. Currently in Hybrid as I need the lines and complex styles to show.

Any idea how to make the colors stay within the lines? I am working off version 2021 on a Mac.

To what do you have Display Quality set in Document Setup>Paper?

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you are working with?

I keep getting error messages whenever I try to upload it

Probably too large to upload directly. Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Here’s a screen shot from the PDF scaled up to 500%.

Increasing the lineweight above two tenths of a pixel wide helps, too. I set it to 0.5 for the above.

You can set Display Resolution to High in Document Setup>Paper and that will improve the resolution while you are working but it tends to make your graphics card work much harder which slows things down.

By the way, it wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff from your SketchUp model once in awhile. I purged the .skp file in your LO file and got rid of this.
Screenshot - 9_2_2021 , 11_27_26 AM
Reduced the LayOut file size by nearly 53%.

Also it would be wise to set up a scene for the view in SketchUp and use that for the viewport instead of the Last saved SketchUp view. Using Last saved Sketchup view opens you up to all kinds of trouble.

Sorta new to Sketchup and Layout so can you let me know how you were able to do all of that?

Also, is there any way to be able to show the detail in the PDF of the smaller items? Like these items here, in Sketch Up you can see the detail but in Layout/PDF the lines are too bold to be able to see what it is


Do all of what?

Purging the unused stuff? That I did with a plugin that generates the report to show how much was removed but you can do that by going to Model Info>Statistics and clicking the Purge Unused button.

You could reduce the line weight but I would use a larger scale for the view of those tiny details. They are around 1/32" wide on the paper at the current scale.

Here at 1" = 20’

You can make the lines thinner in LayOut (in the SketchUp model panel).
As to the initial problem, how far are your model items from the SketchUp model origin? You seem to have quite a large terrain. When model size or distance from origin grows to, say, tens of kilometers, display distortion or artifacts start to happen.

I checked that. The origin is at the center of the location snapshot and the geometry in question is about 230 feet from the origin.