Tutorial Ideas

Well it looks like my company has closed due to the virus so I’m now out of work for 6-10 weeks at least. It gives me a lot of time for fun SketchUp and I figured I would make a tutorial. Since I can’t work I should keep the brain ticking over.

I’ve already planned out both my presentation and workshop for Basecamp so this will be separate. I was wondering what people would be interested in learning, it will be free and I’ll give away whatever models and Photoshops are needed too.

In the past I made this tutorial, it’s quite basic: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/e004DZ

Are people more interested in pure SketchUp, composition, post production ? It would be handy to know. here are some examples of recent things, all SketchUp (and if they are not they could be).

Cheers Liam

  • SketchUp Modeling
  • Rendering
  • Post Production & Composition
  • Workflow
  • (All of the above)

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Well, I think much of what you do in post production is particularly unique. That may end up more Photoshop tutorial than SketchUp, but I guess you have to plan your SU model for what happens in PS.