SketchUp for illustration tutorial




I have had quite a few emails asking if I can show any of the talk I gave at Basecamp this year. I have got round to making a short guide and putting it online.

I know it was made with the idea that I would be there in person, and when I have time I hope to make a video version however quite swamped in work at the moment.

Let me know what you think I could do (easily) to improve it or if it’s not clear in some way.

Although the tutorial is relatively simple, it’s the same process I use for most of the work I have posted online previously:


Thanks for the tutorial. Unfortunately, I don’t have photoshop, but I could still use an image editing program (like Pages or AutoDesk Sketchbook) to layer images. This is really cool. I love your work!


You can also use Gimp to do exactly the same and its free, however I don’t know what it’s animation capabillity is or if it even has one?


That’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll give Gimp a try eventually.