Tutorial Fundamentals question

Hi, my name is Emily Scher and I’m new to Sketchup. I’m following along in the first tutorial to build the playground and I noticed the instructor told me to use a 3 point arc but he used a 2 point arc. I used a 2 point arc to cut out the top with the push pull tool and even though I placed my points exactly on the face of the wall, it is not pushing back to make a negative space. How come I can’t select only the top piece above the arc instead of the whole wall’s face? Again, when I tried to cut out the circles, I pushed the face (this time the faces only got pushed in until I saw the blue) but they aren’t deleting like in the tutorial. I’m hoping someone can help me here. Thank you!

I expect it’s a slip of the tongue. The 2-point Arc tool would be the tool to use in that case. Maybe @TysonK could at least edit the video and add a piece of text saying it’s the 2-point- Arc tool.

This would imply that the arc doesn’t divide the larger face into two smaller regions. That coul be caused by not getting both ends of the arc anchored on an edge of the face. It could also be due to the arc not actually laying on the face over its whole length.

If you share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve created, we can easily identify the problem and set you on the right track.

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Hi Dave, thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it as I’m feeling stuck right now and really want to learn this program. I went to attach the file with the link icon, but it’s looking for a hyperlink. How can I attach the .skp here?

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playground.skp (167.1 KB)
Found it! One other thing I couldn’t figure out is when he told me to add a rectangle on the edge of the second floor to pull out to the outer edges of the pillars, mine has seams but his does not. Not sure how come? I made sure my points snapped to the edge.

In the case of your arc, you added it (and the circles for the holes) outside of the group container so that geometry doesn’t modify the panel. Here I’ve moved the group away to show that the arc and circles aren’t attached.

Opening the group for editing before drawing the arc and the circles would sort that out.

I think you should have the floor and the vertical panels as separate groups, too. It looks like maybe you created the group for the floor and then opened it and copied/rotated the geometry to make the panel.

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I think your problems result from not opening groups for edit before trying to add things to them.

Hi Steve, thank you! Can you please tell me how to ‘open’ a group before adding the rectangle? Is that what you’re referring to- the seams? Or to the arc and circle cutting?

Double click on it with the Select tool or right click on it and choose Edit Group or select it and press Enter/Return.

Both. As @DaveR pointed out, the arc and circles are not in the group, so they won’t ever interact with its contents. And the seams are because you added supports for the columns without opening the floor group, so they don’t merge together. The seams are needed because they are separate objects.