Turning an Entity into a .stl file

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So I have produced a model in the hope to have it 3D printed, which in my case requires the document to be saved as a .stl one. However, I was unable to on my computer (perhaps because I don’t have a 3D printing software installed) but regardless the file will be transported and printed using a different device. I searched the web for some answers and apparently I cannot 3D print an entity unless it is given a Volume. My entity did not have a volume, so again I searched how to fix this issue. I downloaded the addon/extension known as “Solid Inspector² by ThomThom” in an attempt to fix the issues. I have either a small amount or close to 6000, and I was wondering if I fix all of these errors will I be able to save my file as a .stl or do I need to already have something installed so that I can save said file as a .stl ?

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P.S. This is also my first time using SketchUp

After you fix all of the problems and SketchUp indicates you have a solid component or group, you can export an STL. Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2016 Make. If I remember correctly (that was 21 software years ago) you’ll need to install the STL exporter from the Extension Warehouse before you can export the STL file.

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currently 3D printing my model without any issues as I fixed all of the errors. Again, many thanks for this :slight_smile:


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