Turnaround Animations

One of the issues I found with scene animations in SketchUp is the abrupt “jumps” between scenes and the lack of smooth transitions in and out of each scene. So I’m developing a ‘turnaround helper’ to facilitate the creation of smoother turnaround animations.

Here are a couple of tests I made:


Great work. There is an extension called DL Camera Circle that was designed for this purpose as well. Have you tried it?

Will it automatically create scenes?

I have found that it has been best for me to just create guidelines and the Position Camera tool to ge a precise view. Would be great if it could be automated.

  1. Define target center and height;
  2. Define view position and height;
  3. Choose how many Scenes will be created in between. (8 work OK);

For myself, it’s important to have scenes, so that I could create transitions for export and animate objects (section planes or model elements with Keyframe Animation).

Here is an example: https://youtu.be/cEV-WWCbgzc?si=RwS3iU1-36D0kVWw&t=47

I didn’t know that one. Thank you!

Hi there @Speaker!

My extension is designed to generate scenes, so it sounds like it could fit right into your workflow. It orbits around the center of the selection. There’s also a tool to move the center of the selection to your scene’s target. The view position acts as the eye position, so you can define it and then use the extension to create the animation. You’re free to create as many scenes as you’d like. The animations I’ve posted before had around 300 scenes, just to achieve a smooth animation at 30fps (which, for 300 frames, makes a 10-second long video).

Looks awesome.

this is 24 scenes, 60fps, 4s camera movement, 1min video.

300 scenes is overkill, really :slight_smile:

I made a simple file, just need to import the project and place it on the 3d cross. the circle shows where the camera will be.

animation.skp (422.0 KB)


Fredo 6 animator can do this too, either by spinning the object or spinning the camera around the object. But an extension specifically for turntable animations would be great too.

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Hi there! I used 300 scenes just because there’s no transitions or delay, so every scene works as a frame in the animation (300 frames at 30 fps = 10 sec animation). That avoids the jumps between scenes (also the ease on and ease off effect) and allows a perfect turnaround.
Anyway, my extension will also allow to use 24 scenes and 4sec transitions. The point is getting a quick way to do it and let the user decide which kind of animation wants to achieve.

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From memory I think this was four scenes, but recorded as a simple screengrab while running the scene animation.


Does it have the same problem as Keyframe Animation, that the object moves, but the cast shadows keep in place?

No, you can rotate the camera around the object. This is how you’d do it in Fredo6 Animator.