Trying to model a Sprinter van


I have followed an online tut about modelling a Mercedes Sprinter van and so far so good… But it ends there…

I have a few question…

How can I make the different sections as layers, so the roof, the sides and the floor… this is so I can open up the van to see in… I have only managed this in the pic shows because I deleted it… I have tried to assign layers to each section but it’s not working…

Also, how would I begin to start drawing things like shower rooms and cabinets? I know it’s not somethign that can be learned in a day but any pointers to actually figuring this out will help, as the tut has ended where I am to now (in the pic).

It probably was not a good tutorial if it finished before you have completed much of the van itself!

  1. Are you using Blueprints to make the Van? this is essential. I would pick them up from google image search or a blueprint repository.

  2. Use components and groups to separate the various parts such as walls, floors, roof etc.

  3. Rather than learn how to make shower rooms and cabinets just learn how to model in general. Watch the first three or four getting started on the SketchUp you tube channel they will have everything in you need to know: Once you have watched and understood the three videos you will be able to create the interior no problem.

  4. Learn to use the intersect function, it will help you place objects inside that are flush with the chassis of the vehicle.

  5. It looks like the tutorial has not covered the hardest part, the cab of the van, for this you will certainly need to get some blueprints and also watch some specific tutorials on making vehicles in SketchUp.

Here are (what seem on the surface) good tutorials, since they are both over 2 hours each they should cover the basics:

Good luck!

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I recently modeled a new Metris to help design the upfit. In addition to @liamk887 comments I also made the van’s shell transparent. Good luck.

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