Trying to make a wedge blade

So here’s my 2D drawing:

I want to pull it 3mm but make it a wedge. For a simple square it’s easy, pull then select an edge and Move it down flat:

But the blade is more complex in shape:

Tried to Erase and soften the many vertical lines and it “simplified” like so:

But still I can’t just flat down one side.
How shoud I do that?
Attached the model. Thank you!
double_edge_blade.skp (237.8 KB)

Draw a line parallel to the edge and use the rotate tool to angle the face down.


I did not know that it could be done so easily. I would draw a face and use intersect.

Please show me how to rotate, thanks.


How do you make the goniometer turn red??
Also, I have to wedge not only the edge, but the whole top plane.

He clicked on the edge and then dragged along it. This causes the rotate tool to lock to that edge as the axis for rotation (a feature frequently overlooked when learning!).

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Did it!!

Fantastic thing to drag the rotate tool, I didn’t knot it! Thank you all.

But I think you’ll find a razor blade is flat with two sharpened edges.

Yeah, I know that very well :slight_smile: Thank you for the solution.