How can I make this into a wedge shape?

I’m trying to figure how to turn this flat template to become a 6 degrees wedge. I’ve calculated about a 29mm raise from the back to the front of this wedge. What’s the easiest approach to this?

What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile says 2018 Free (Web) which is impossible. Knowing the correct version will help know what tools you have available to you. It would also help if you share the .skp file with is.

What is the front and what is the back?

sorry i have not updated my profile for awhile, I’m on sketchup pro 2020

the left side is the back right side is the front so the left need to be raised by 29mm to form a wedge
sort of like this one here

Make sure that your part is solid. Make it thicker than the final thickness. Make a large block with a sloped bottom face. Group it and move it to place. Use the Solid tools subtract or trim to trim the shape, using the block as a cutter.

Please update it now.

Again, if you share the .skp file it will be much easier to give you exact instructions.

Anssi has give you a good general overview of one way to do it.

here’s the file itself. wedge.skp (501.6 KB)

Still not clear which is front and which is back but this should help. Make a component or group of the geometry and ensure it is shown as a solid. The plate as you’ve drawn it isn’t thick enough for a 6° slope on top so you’ll need to extrude it upward. Model a “cutter” with the desired angle and make it a solid group or component. Then use Trim or Subtract from the SOlid Tools or from Eneroth Solid Tools to cut the one with the other.