In need of corner wedge sectional piece

Hello. See attached for images of a wedge I need built. I can’t find anything like this in the 3D warehouse. I’ve also attached an example of a sectional this wedge would go with for reference on arm style, overall style & color.


COW.skp (158.3 KB)
Not a full model, but I drew the outline for you. Now just push and pull as needed.


Thank you for doing this! Unfortunately I need a full, 3D model of this that looks like this sectional i’ve attached :

Find a 3d model from another source, .max for example, then export it to a .3ds format. You’ll probably have to buy the 3d model.

@racheldigiovani Is this something that you are looking to pay someone to do? If so, give a little more info about your offer. I am sure there are more than a few people on here that could make you a beautiful model for you.

There’s got to be something on the 3D Warehouse that matches your desired style… Here’s a similar couch.

The user who uploaded these couches also has models with pillows on the backs. You could move those pillows onto the couch.

If you need something exact, then I’d recommend taking dimensions from the actual couch to 3D model exactly what you want. And if you’d like some help, then I think people will need exact dimensions too. Unless you’re willing to settle for a visual representation that only has the correct width, height, etc.

Edit: You can use the scale command to make the couch components from the 3D Warehouse match your desired dimensions (height, width, length).

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Looking for both a curved and and cornered wedge piece of a sectional. We use a lot of sectionals in our spaces and I can never find the right pieces with results in wrong measurements!! Someone please help me!

What is it? Can you share a photo of this?

That’s rather unique - never saw a sectional like that one. And I’m still not really sure what you mean by “wedge” despite your example. Are you referring to just the piece the “joins” the two ends? A piece that has not just the “wedge” shaped cushion, but also the foundation that could actually stand alone?

I did run across this one, though it has a similar angle, it’s not quite like your example -

Perhaps you could create one using parts like these? - Hollywood Sectional | 3D Warehouse

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I think any curved or straight sectional “wedge” that would fit with this would need to be custom made according to the sizing of your original. It sounds like you may be looking for someone to make it for you? You should post this in the “commercial” part of the forum and someone could do it for you.

Alternatively, there are other resources that have a lot of sectionals that can be imported into sketchhup.

Hi there.

Thank you for the response. I’ve attached a schematic drawing of the piece I need built.


Thank you for your response. Please see my response to the previous comment on a better explanation and image of what I’m looking for. I will also post this under commercial.


You would also need to supply the section view too for heights of the seat and back.

You can just make the seat/cushion & back 35" high like it says on the schematic.

the schematic looks “off” too.

as well as heights, you would also need to specify the dimensions of the back thickness and cushions.

Oh, I see. The company’s schematic could easily be off. Dimensions are still firm so it doesn’t need to match up EXACTLY how the picture shows.

Cushion thickness is 6"
30" is the height to the back of sofa, 35" height including back pillow
Thickness of the back is 3"

Thank you!

There still needs to be a seat height from the floor and cushion thickness (maybe assuming cushion you sit on is same as one at back)
Also the is a gap underneath?

Seat height is about 19". Not sure what you mean about a gap?

the gap is at the bottom between the floor and the bottom of the frame ??