Trying to join two parts one a component the other a group. The interior of the group is not removed

I am trying to join the component captive nut holder into the donut shape group. Whenever I do so I have only an intersect . I am puzzled as to how I can join them and have the captive nut effectively inserted into the donut.

Can you show what it’s supposed to look like when it’s complete? And share the .skp file?

This is a photo of the part I am trying to model.

This is the ski file. PS I am new to this, normally I just build stuff in the workshop, I thought designing it first might be better… :wink:
drill guard copy.skp (223.5 KB)

I think it would be easier to model it differently. I would think about modeling this more like a 3D printer would print it. Start by drawing the bottom face and only the features on that face, extrude upward and only add the hexagonal recesses and the framework after it’s 3D.

I’ll see if I can make an example for you.

This is actually intended for my (new} 3d printer. What do you mean by model it more like a 3d printer would print it?

Hang tight. I’ll make an example.

How thick is the bottom part of it between the ribs?

Ahh , Light bulb moment… I think I see what you mean, so draw in 2d the whole face then extrude. How would the bottom layer be down though, would I first extrude the bas thickness, then draw on that upper face and extrude?
PS: Thanks for the help.

The bottom layer is 1.5 mm thick

Basically don’t add features until you get up to them.

For future reference, a few steps and it can be done with your model.
Trim union

Box has pretty much got you sorted but this is basically what I’m referring to. Obviously there’s a split in it and the ribs which I didn’t model yet. With this basic work flow you shouldn’t wind up with internal faces or other stuff to clean up.

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I will try that path and continue. Many thanks.

My gif just helps explain that different solid tools do different things, and when one part has a hole in it it the hole will be retained in the result, so by using Trim you separate the Hole from the body of the Donut and can easily remove it, then Union or outershell the two parts.