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I’ve been trying to model the catamaran we lived on starting with one hull. I built a frame, made sections and skinned each one separately but they won’t join together plus I always get problems with stray edges etc which some can be fixed automatically but others can’t. How do I join these groups, amke them solid and add some thickness to them. I still have the bridgedeck to model as well as rudders, keels, props and they all have to be joined together. Eventually I would like to 3D print the model. I’m hoping the attachment works.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
p42 Dec model.skp (2.3 MB)

First. I’d take the pieces for half the hull, make a component of it. Edit the component and explode all the groups inside. Select all the resulting edges and faces (select all) and place on Layer0. Select all and use the smooth / soften window to soften all the edges, they should disappear and you have one surface. This is all done INSIDE the half hull component. You can flip a copy of the component to make the other side OR you can go to combine the two halves in one surface (similar process as above) that can be given thickness with Joint push pull plugin. I’m not sure what would be best with what you have for the thickening part–I’d have to work with it. Maybe you need to add the transom before you thicken. Save progressive versions of your model so you can go back at different stages if you have to. Considering the desire to print is going to affect your end model and how you get there–I’ve never printed anything.

I notice there are some problems withe mesh arund the bow, and I think the mesh is pretty busy in general. You should model in meters instead of mm to avoid issues down the line. The small faces may not work well in some operations.

catamaran.skp (935.0 KB)

Thanks, I’ll try your suggestions .

Thanks, I’ll try your suggestions.

This looks good but I don’t know how you did it.

Draw your structure, making sure that each frame has the same number of segments.
Use the Curviloft plugin to make its cover.

Combine the two parts and use the Solid Inspector plugin to make sure you’ve created a solid group.

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Interesting, thanks, I’ll try your suggestions.