I really need help

I have drawed one side of my ship and the front, And what is my next step? And why is it a gap in the front?

What are you trying to do? There are a bunch of folks here that can offer input, but first they will all need to know what it is you are trying to do!

Also, sharing the file or a link to the file on 3D Warehouse will be easier to work with than a screenshot.

Ah okay I see I have uploaded my model to 3d warehouse: M/s Saxaren it’s the name to search for there

Im finished with right side And the front of the boat what’s next step?

Left side and back!


Okay And shall I import photos on those angles? And I don’t Need to pull out Every part 7’78 meters? The boat is 37,40 meter long, 1,41 meter deep and 7,78 meter wide

You must have enough info to allow the unique location of each x, y, z point in your model. Perhaps you should spend some time on the question " 3d model from orthographic projections". From your above question: You can make crude models using photo match but again check the help center there are general criteria ref the desired data.
I would think you agree there are some circular geometry on the super structure of the MS. Can you tell me which ones those are based on what is shown. Also is the bow really flat? If not that tells you more info needed.

Any info you can get maybe helpful but how much you can use is questionable to me .
I have been able to spend little time with your model.

  1. You have given your self a difficult problem. With your background you may what to try a simpler design before this;
  2. Ships can usually be modeled by doing just 1/2 then mirroring
  3. IMO you should at least get the basic hull modeled and then add the additional required. I’ve attached you skp with the very little I’ve done.
  4. Ship hulls in some cases are wrapped surfaces and they are treated with spline curves. You have the deck profile , the kneal and then the super structure. Typically it helps to have around 5 hull profiles ( aka cross sections) stem to stern ,you can use available plugins to draw it.
  5. The bridge and passenger entities you have shown should be 2 d models/ components then using the plugin shape bender to match the hull profile
    More comments later.

Spent some time ( 3hrs) to see if more / better data can be found; Ship name search has some but info. to help with model is small; I even did search in The Norway ship registry but no data on MS Saxaren found but was looking for drawings but found nothing there.
Sorry about delay was trying to post last night, power outage stopped that.
The bottom line found more pics ,no drawing and not much more info than you show so you are going to have to make some guesses what the missing parts look like. Note the bow has a hinged section that swings up to allow access via it when docked.
There is a free plugin called DelfShip Ill attach manual link that may give you some ideas

SEARCH FOR IMO 9201035, that is the hull number for the MS Saxaren. That is equivalent to the tail number of plane and does not change.

That search found this which answers questions you had.
Ship built: 1999
Ship Sank 1964 and was not salvaged.
Found no hull profile yet may look some more time permitting

Thanks a lot i really appreciate your big help and support Saxaren is build 1999 in Mandal in Norway and Sails for Waxholmsbolaget

Thanks for correction

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