Making a surface for a boat

Hello guys and girls,

I have a problem. I’m creating my first boat on SketchUp and I’m already stuck in this program.
the problem is, as you can see on the picture, you see some open room in the front and in the back of the boat.
that is the problem because I want them filled in like in the middle part. but I have a tried lot and I just don’t know how to fill it and make it a surface.

I hope you guys or girls can help me out with this problem.
Floris Toorenburg<img src="//" width=“690” height=“35basic build boat.skp (124.2 KB)

It looks like the foto is corupted so here is a gyazo link for the foto

It looks like you’ve gone about drawing the hull in a difficult way. If you are happy with it and just want try to fix it, you can stitch the faces in by drawing lines between the vertices. You may have to make triangles for the faces to fill. That’s hard to tell without having the SketchUp file itself.

How do you intend to use this model once you have it created?

DaveR I’m planning to create and design the boat so at the end I can actually make it from wood and fare with it on the waters. if you want I can send the file so you can look better if you want.

and what is a better way to the hull of the boat?

*better way to create the hull of the boat?

sorry my english is not very good

Please upload the file here so we can look at it. Use the 7th button from the left in the row of buttons at the top of the message window.

As for the better way to create the hull, it depends upon the exact shape and what information you already have about it. If you intend to build the hull, you’ll want to use a boat design program such as Delft!Ship or Free!Ship to do the calculations for such things as waterline and stability. SketchUp won’t give you that information and it would be a shame to waste the materials and time on a boat that sinks when you launch it. (Thinking of the Swedish ship, Vasa.)

DELFTship free

basic build boat.skp (124.2 KB)

Here is the file thanks for all the support

Before you spend time trying to fix this model, you should consider redesigning it. As it is there is no lateral stability. It’ll happily roll over the moment you get the weight off the center line.

I would also suggest you use a tool designed for the job. sketch3D_de gave you the link.

it was the first design but I think the program Sketch gave me is a better program to design and create a boat in