Struggling to model a boat hull

I’m trying to model a 3 meter boat in SketchUp Web and struggling with the hull shape. The hull material is to be 2 mm aluminum. I’ve made a public rendition of the model here: SketchUp

I have the hull shape sketched out, but don’t know how to make it a set of complex surfaces (interior and exterior hull material surfaces).

Willing to pay someone to do this for me if the price is reasonable. I’m more interested in the parts I’ve already completed than the shape of the hull.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile. That information will help us help you.

Just did. I’m using the web version.

I’m afraid not.
Screenshot - 10_10_2022 , 4_24_45 PM

You’ll have to share the SketchUp file. Lookking at in in the online viewer doesn’t help.

Curious about how accurate the parts need to be. From what I can see in the viewer your model looks pretty rough.

Huh. I updated my profile to indicate that I was using SketchUp Web, that I live in Oak Harbor, WA, and… a couple other things I’ve since forgotten. I’ll double-check to see if it saved properly.

The design model is in the early stages. I need to get the shape of the hull so I can start putting in interior bits (frame parts, benches, steering, etc.). I also need to figure out how to model a dripless shaft seal, but that’s another story, and one I think I can achieve on my own (I’ll cry for help if I can’t). Also, the model only has to be accurate enough to have a conversation with a builder. I expect them to provide a response design developed in their own CAD system, which will drive things like a CNC machine.

Here’s the SKP file of the thing that I linked to above.
Boat 3 Public.skp (553.3 KB)

Thank you for your support.


The problem is that they will demand something “normal” in the industry - IGES, STEP, Parasolid or a native CAD file - from you to cut the sheets on the CNC. But try :wink:
I changed the bow a little so that the arc was tangent to the keel

Boat 3 Public2.skp (1011.2 KB)

Perfect, thank you. Part of me wants to understand what you did to fix it; most of me just wants to shower you with thanks and press on to the rest of the design. I’ll go with majority rule, but I’ll stop to say that this is exactly what I was trying to create.

I don’t expect them to demand anything industry standard. They’ll take my model and re-model it in their software and go from there. I just need something to use as a communication tool.

Thank you again (and again and again).


You’re welcome