How to make skelet? Need tip/plugin



I need tip o plugin what cam help me make a skelet.
I mean, i make 1 object and copy that different sizes.
Like this:


How accurate do you need your boat model to be? In reality each one of those forms is a different shape so simply copying and resizing the copies won’t give you an accurate portrayal of the hull shape. You can easily see how the curves change between stations in that photo.

If you don’t care about making accurate curves, you can use Move/Copy to copy a form shape to the stations and then use the Scale tool to adjust the size. No plugins required.


Where do you start? With the full boat shape (and you are searching for a slicing option), plans for the shown shapes (and you are searching for a tracing option), …?


Cotty has a good point. What information do you have for the shape of the hull? A table of offsets? A lines plan with sections, waterlines, buttocks, etc.?


I’m intrigued by your photo. What sort of craft is that going to be? It looks like there is a deck beam going across the top of every frame section, suggesting a completely closed deck? Or is it just decorative, not really meant to be an actual boat?


Those are just the forms for the strong back. They are used to position the keelson down the center and the chine logs (at the corners) and help to define the shape but they don’t remain in the boat. After the hull is planked, it is rolled right side up and the forms removed.


Doh! I should know that!