Can't refill faces on boats hull

Hello everyone, first time posting and was hoping someone could help me out. Im working on drawing a boat hull and cant get the faces to come back after deleting them originally. Ive zoomed in to make sure everything is closed and Ive tried to redraw a line but no luck on a face coming back. I have uploaded the file. Thanks in advance for any help solving this one.

Brent boat catamaran.skp (257.5 KB)

This is a problem. A group within a group. I could make some faces by stitching a diagonal line, though.

Seemingly no gaps is not enough. Edges and curves need to be in the same drawing context.
Also edges or curve segments need to be coplanar to be able to support a face. In your uploaded model you have several groups nested. Thereby having edges / curve segments in three different contexts:

Select the hull geometry and bring them in one drawing context. Then start creating triangles by drawing diagonals (thus three edges coplanar) to create fragments of the curved hull surface. This is called stitching.
To see all the endpoints in your model switch to ‘View Endpoints’. Curves need to be exploded as well to see all their endpoints.

Partly stitched with (and then smoothed) diagonals:

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After exploding, I made a new group and stitched two faces here. I also turned length snapping off in model info. It was easier then to draw the line where the endpoints are.

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Thanks so much for your response. I’ll do a little research on stitching and give that a shot. Thanks again, ill let you know how it goes

Thank you Royce, Gonna look into to stitching and give that a try

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stitching is life :slight_smile:
it’s a crude method that can be replaced with extensions, but at least it works.

a thing that could help you while stitching, is explode and endpoints.

  • in the style panel, look for edges styles, and turn on endpoints, maybe with a 3-4 thickness. it’ll make all the endpoint appears bolder, makes it easier to stitch from point to point.

you can see here in a recent post, Dave uses endpoints to see where the lines end

  • if you’re dealing with arcs / circles, the endpoints won’t show up. because all the lines are welded as one arc. if you want the endpoints to appear, you’ll have to right click on the arc and explode the curve. it won’t be an arc anymore, but then again, you’re about to stitch
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