Trying to get a face

trying to get a face where the arcs are on the bottom of the andirons. i do not know what i am doing wrong, thanks for the help!
andirons.skp (393.2 KB)

How did you go about modeling this in the first place? The curves aren’t the same on both sides of the opening. Are they supposed to be different? As your model currently sits, open the component for editing and use the Line tool to stitch across the opening. You’ll need to triangulate the stitching so that the faces fill in. If the curves are supposed to be the same front and back, drawing the front face and extruding it backward with Push/Pull would be easier.

Are you hoping to be able to extract the individual parts for these andirons for dimensions and such? If it were my model I would make each piece of metal as a component. Modeling the left half and then copy/flipping them to make the opposite side. Currently your component is one big hunk of geometry.

I went ahead and made individual components of the parts. I assumed the curves were supposed to be the same front to back on those vertical pieces so I just used Push/Pull on the front faces. I didn’t cut the square holes for the pins nor the notches where the horizontal pieces and the verticals cross but that would be the matter of a few seconds work with Eneroth Solid Tools or Bool Tools 2.

andirons components.skp (292.0 KB)


I post a problem like twice a year, and you are always here to help. Thanks so much.


Dave pops in about twice a year too, just lucky it’s at the same time. :laughing:


You’re quite welcome. Happy to help.

I’m curious. Will all the rectangular pieces be solid or tube.

@Box knows me so well. :wink:

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Everything is solid. Large set of andirons. I also have two more of these sets to build

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