Part won't heal and combine surfaces


I’ve made this part several ways and I can’t get the surfaces to join. Can someone tell me what I’m doing Wrong?
Hearth Short 2.skp (155.0 KB)


I don’t get what you’re trying to do. Other than many reversed faces and some unneeded edges, I don’t see any problem with it. Maybe you could make a screen shot showing what it is you’re trying to do?

Hearth Short 2.skp (151.7 KB)


“I can’t get the surfaces to join” is really too vague to suggest any remedy. Why not take a few minutes to describe carefully what you’re trying to accomplish and exactly what has gone wrong?

Also, rather than conduct a postmortem on what you may have done wrong, let’s concentrate on identifying exactly what you want to do and doing it right.



I tried to paste an image buy it doesn’t work. I can paste into other documents but not here.

The model surfaces in my model look different than the surfaces in the model DaveR sent back. I don’t know if he made any changes. If I try to delete any of the lines that appear to be extra, I loose a surface with it.



All I did was fix the face orientation and delete the extra edges to clean it up. I also changed the back face color to green to make it easier to identify reversed faces.

Attach images the same way you attached the SKP file with the Upload button.


Reverse Faces was it. Not sure why it came out that way. I tried to make it several ways and the blue faces were always facing out.


For a simple shape like that I would have done it like this.

From left to right:
Draw the bottom face.
Push/Pull to thickness.
Select the the four outside edges and use Offset toward the inside.
Push/Pull the face between the outer edges and the offset edges to height.
Select it all and make it a component.

Simple, quick, no reversed faces and no extraneous edges.


As the concept was evolving I had created the follow me path first to see what it would look like. Then added the bottom. I guess it (SU) didn’t like it.


It can be done that way as well. The results you get depend on the exact steps.

What is that thing, anyway? How would you make it if you were building it in the shop?