Trying to draw this ring

Hi I am trying to draw this ring in Sketchup, 3 D is giving me some problems, I draw a ring od and i/d pull it up to 100 mm tall, Then i want to put 18 slots in it 60mm deep x 6mm wide, I have been trying to draw a box from the O/d To the I/d 6mm wide on the top face and pull it down by 60mm. It does all sorts of crazy thinks like leaving the o/d still there, I dont think the pull tool likes curves. There has to be a simple way to do it. I cant find it, Any help please. I think I have attached a sketch of what I am trying to in 3 D, Any help please.

ring with slots.pdf (118.0 KB)

sketchup has trouble with the super small stuff.
100mm, 6mm, with curves, it makes segments so small it kinda breaks the engine.

The method here is the same we use for 3d printing.
open a file in meters. and draw in it at scale.

so your 100mm ring becomes a 100m one. the slots are 60m x 6m and so on.
in the end, you can scale it down by 1000 (or 0,001 ratio in fact)

A design advice, since you have 18 slots, your circle should have a multiple of 18 segments. 36 means you have a slot on every other segment for example.
(your PDF shows 12 slots but it’s the same idea.)

edit : also, what’s “od” and “i/d” ?

here I quickly made the 12 slots ring from your pdf exactly like I described.

  • I made a 457,2m Ø circle with 72 sides. it’s a multiple of 12 so it’s good.
  • inside, a second circle, 406,4m Ø , 72 sides too
  • push the ring you made 51,6m
  • on top of it, draw one slot, 6m wide.
  • select it and do a rotate + copy at 30°, then type *11 to get all copies.
  • pushpull the ring (between the slots) for the extra 50m
  • select all, scale tool from a corner, ratio 0,001


for the chamfer, could have used a follow me or something like bevel / fredocorner before scaling the ring.

I forgot really, just noticed it on the pdf :slight_smile:
edit : chamfer added

12 ring.skp (134.2 KB)

Hi Mate, I will have a go in the morning, Thanks for the help, I will probably be back, I/d Inside Diameter off the ring O/D Outside diameter of the ring . I have been drawing these in 2 D in Autoketch for many years. Sketchup is great but for designing things. Thanks again for the help, I will let you know how I get on.


ow, it makes sense now :slight_smile:

yeah, try it out, tell me (us really) if you’re stuck somewhere.

I guess you have this one sorted but for things of this sort I find it useful to build up from the groundplane. The key is to start thinking and working in 3D as soon as possible. Modeling with the slots up is easier than modeling slots down as shown in your PDF and the slot features aren’t delineated until the ring has been extrude to the height of the slot bottoms. 3D FDM printing is a good real life analog.

The chamfers on the unslotted side could be done with an extension as @ateliernab suggests or the lower part of the ring could start from a profile with the chamfers detailed and a circular path for Follow Me. After Follow Me completes, continue on with the slots.

I would create the model centered on the origin and use it as an inference point for the steps in the process.

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Finally got there, I spent ages on it, It looked so easy to do. My biggest problem was draw the 6mm wide slot, I was trying to draw a square on the face, all I needed to do was 2 parallel lines on the face 6mm apart, and the it took a while to master the copy and rotate tool. But I got there in the end, Thanks for the help.