Trying to draw straight lines in layout

Hi I am trying to draw lines in Layout. I can draw a line, but I cannot get them where I want them or how long I want them when I am trying to be specific. I try to type in coordinates, but the measurement box does not show any of my typed in numbers, it just stays at 0",0".

If you want to draw a line using coordinates for the second endpoint, pay attention to how the coordinates are shown in the Measurements window and use the exact same format. Also don’t click in the Measurements window, just as in SketchUp you don’t click there. If it’s available for input from you you can just type. Use <x,y> for relative coordinates or [x,y] for absolute coordinates. (0,0) is at the top left corner of the page.

Thank you,
When I type new coordinates, nothing in the measurements window changes, it just stays highlighted.
As well, it is acting like the pen tool in photoshop in a way. If I create a line, then click again to create another line it acts like the pen tool and makes my first line into a curve as I move the second point around

Click and release to set the first point, move the cursor in the general direction of the line and let go of the mouse and type the distance or the coordinates and press Enter. If you want to continue drawing move the mouse and type new coordinates or distance and press Enter again.

Thx, it still would not let me type new distance or coordinates so I closed Layout and opened again, and now I am able to type in!