Simple Drawing of line: Problems With


New to layout, on Mac. Have successfully drawn simple straight line before by click, drag, & double-click to end. Today, the line isn’t showing up (I’ve changed no settings). When I click the line juts two ways. Feeling idiotic, but know someone can help.


Are you drawing in Sketchup or LayOut?


I am drawing in Layout, having imported a SKP into it, so I’m drawing on top of the SKP image


OK. I was confused because you put this in the SketchUp forum instead of LayOut.

The correct process for drawing a straight line in LayOut is to click and release, move the cursor in the desired direction and distance and click once more to set the opposite end of the line. Try that and see what you get. Double click to set the last point of the line(s) you are drawing.

Do not hold the mouse button down between clicks.