Trying to animate multiple dynamic components from one click

I’m trying to make an animation of an archimedes puzzle wherein the individual pieces move up in a staggered pattern (so piece 1 moves then a second later piece 2 moves and so on, for all 13 pieces) then the pieces move back into the frame in a different location. I thought using the dynamic component would be the way to go but I’m struggling in making the pieces move up sequentially (using the animatecustom function) let alone relocating them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

use a time line, like steps,


say 12 pieces x 25 steps = 600


then piece 1 can have various movements within the first 25 steps, piece 2, the next 25 steps…and so on.

please upload for more detail

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I’ve attached my sketchup file.
I tried your “steps” command but sketchup didn’t recognise it, I can only assume I’m missing something in the process.

puzzle animation test.skp (40.5 KB)

steps, counter or any other name is a custom attribute that the children can reference. You can randomize (maybe between limits) or be specific with other positions and rotations.

Just separated to give 50 “steps” to each child, you can use this to move and rotate

puzzle animation test.skp (98.2 KB)


This is brilliant thank you!
I mean, I have no idea how “steps” as an attribute results in anything but I’m not gonna worry about it. lol
Next question is, if I want piece 1 to start going back down just as piece 14 reaches it’s highest point what commands/functions/attributes am I using? Would it be a case of reversing the steps counter? So 50,-50?

Can you show the next pattern or solution made with the parts so can show movement and rotation to new placement

Thanks dude, really appreciate this!
Screenshot 2024-03-21 115150

There are fine intersection problems. Would there be any tolerance? How much, 1mm?
puzzle animation test.skp (130.0 KB)

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Yeah 1mm is fine thank you.

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