Needed help dynamic components

I would like to move a component in three clicks, first in the X-as, second click in the Z-as and the third click in the X-as. (picture)
I have three components in total, the other two are just moving in the X-as for two or three clicks. And with the formula like in the picture it works.
Edit; in the reply I uploaded a picture so it’s hopefully more clearly
What do I need to change to make it work?

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Here is an error in the formula syntax. You cannot include multiple attributes in one ANIMATE formula.

In the example below, each attribute (X and Z) is placed in its own formula. The last state always assigns an initial position to the attributes, in this case 0. Otherwise, the formula performs the full animation cycle only once.

1st click - X = 10 cm, Z = 0 cm (Initial Position does not change)
2nd click - X = 10 cm (does not change position), Y = 10 cm
3rd click - X = 20 cm, Y = 10 cm (does not change position)
4th click - X = 0 cm, Z = 0 cm (returns to the initial position in both directions)

The performance of the formula can be evaluated in the attached file.

DC cube XZ.skp (1014.3 KB)

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Thank you for your reply, I tried it with the animator plug-in. It’s maybe not the best, but it works easier for me.

Thanks for your time en help anyway!