Trying to add miter to concave board


Trying to make a jewelry box. Want to make all 4 outside faces concave lengthwise like a cove then add on miter corners. Tried making miter first, no good. Cove first, no good. Made box sides with miters on all 4 boards and tried using follow me, no good.
I can’t get the two cuts to interact. One blocks the other. I can pull the miter longer but obviously that dfoesn’t help

board problem.skp (27.5 KB)


you could use follow_me on the profile to plan required, miters can be created by intersecting the extruded profile with a plane

board problem.skp (29.9 KB)


As @pcmoor says, use follow me and the miters are made for you, you just need to split the top and bottom faces if you want to make them separate parts.


Don’t know which version of SU you have, but if it can run extensions, “profile builder” is a great one for many operations. Using it with the mitre option makes for quick work of this type of operation and the resulting geometry is editable without starting over

You can see from second gif a couple of ways you can edit it.