Try to do a chamfer [chanfrain] on a circle


I would like to know how to do a chamfer on a circle.
Check the screenshot here :

What i would is to create a chamfer on the top of the actual holes in the plate, the goal is to install a countersunk screw.
What i did, i have ty to insert a inveresed cone on each holes, and then, i have try to use the “intersect” option, but i’m not sure how to proceed because sketchup don’t react as the quick youtube movies i can watch…

Can you help to give me an information step by step.


You could continue with the method you’ve started and use Intersect Faces and the Eraser to cut away the waste. Then correct the face orientation. There is an easier way. I’ll make a quick GIF. Hang on.

Ok cheers mate :slight_smile:

  1. Use Offset to define limit of countersink. After you’ve done the first offset, double click on the remaining hole edges to get the others.
  2. Select edges of holes.
  3. Hold Alt while using Move tool to move selected edges down.

I’m guessing you are countersinking for metric screws. If that’s the case, move the edges of the holes down by the same distance as the offset.


Excellent, even easier and faster that i have tried.

Thank you very much
Have a good day