Trouble with styles transition in animation

Hi there,

I am unable to get a smooth style transition between two scenes in Sketchup 2015… Animation runs great from one point of view to another but styles are switching without any transition, unlike what i’ve been watching on some youtube tutorials… Thanks for help !

Do you have a link to a video with the desired transition?

There are nearly limitless combinations of Style settings and Properties to save with a Scene.
Share a simple model which exhibits the problem.

Hello all,

I am having the exact same problem. However, I am not changing styles between scenes, I am changing visible layers between scenes.

Here is a link to my .mp4. Please help promptly, my deadline is in a week.


The best way to do this is export two videos: one with the layers off and one with the layers on. Then use a video editor to dissolve back and forth between them as you’d like.

Thanks so much for your reply, Matt.

That may be the best way, but is that the only way? I have limited days before my deadline, not enough time to get myself up to speed in an movie editing program.

Does Sketchup not have the capability of smoothly transitioning between visible layers in scenes? Perhaps an extension?

Again, thanks for your involvment!

As far as I know there are no extensions that will gradually transition between layer visibility. If you just use Windows Movie Maker it’s pretty much a drag and drop operation, and there are plenty of tutorial videos online that walk you through how to add transitions.

Ok, I’ll give it a shot, Matt, thank you.

Darn. Our IT administrators don’t allow installs. I was hoping Windows Movie Maker was automatically part of the Windows install. I’ll have to find another workaround.

I do have Adobe Premiere Pro installed, but I suspect that’s involved…

It might not be too involved for creating simple transitions between clips. I do a lot of screen capture videos for tutorials using Camtasia and use its editor. Adding a dissolve between clips is jest a drag and drop thing. Probably the same in Premiere Pro.

If I have two identical length movies. I can easily clip out one chunk and put it into another, or master video?

I’m no expert on Premiere Pro but I expect you can put them in separate tracks so they are aligned and then cut both of them. Delete the sections you don’t need and put a transition at the cut line. That’s how I’d do it in Camtasia’s editor, anyway.

This is one way to do it. Clip out the parts you don’t want and add cross dissolves. Drag the top clip to time the transitions as you want.

Thanks, Matt, I’m putting myself through the fastrack tutorial for Premiere Pro now, and I’m nearly at the point where I can try your method.

Just curious, has there been any change to SketchUp in this regard since 2015? I had already started with the work-arounds suggested in this thread before seeing this post (different tools but same principles). Achieving a good rate of “blend” between one style and another is an art form in itself. It might be a little easier if it were native to SketchUp scene animations.