Trouble with 3D Warehouse_Get Models

Within Sketch Up, when I click on get models I get this very basic window with options such as “most popular”, “most liked”… But nothing does anything. I’ll try to attach screen capture.

Any idea what’s wrong?


Not even an idea what browser* or SketchUp version you use.

* By browser we mean the version of your operating system’s default web view component, which is on OS X the Safari version and on Windows the Internet Explorer version.

Try the steps in this thread: Loss of WebDialog Functionality in All Extensions, 3DW and EW - #7 by russelb923

Windows 7 Pro, Internet Explorer

Thanks. That helped.

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Newbie here. I didn’t realize the email response I was making to the sketch-up team member was posting on forum. Oh well.

The problem was, for any one else with similar problem, the security settings in internet explorer were set too high. Apparently preventing java from running.
I set them to medium and everything was back to normal.