Trouble Welding the Lines in SketchUp

Hi Sketch Up users.
Am new to sketch up, I was modeling a company logo as Neon tube. I have done the line work an later to use follow me tool for simulating the tube effect along the lines, am having some problem on making the the lines joined. Any help am still learning everyday using this beautiful powerful tool i ever met.

Here is the file
My_Excercise_Neon.skp (274.7 KB)


Hi Terence and welcome to the SketchUp Help Forum.

Zoom in close and carefully inspect the geometry.
You’ll find a number of edges which do not meet endpoint to endpoint.

Instead, they cross leaving lonely edges which will create problems welding.
And in one instance, overlapping edges have created a tiny sliver of a face.

I notice you’re also using layers.
Stop. Delete the extra Layer 1 you’ve created, thereby reassigning all geometry back to the Default Layer 0.
Then watch the videos below.

Thank you sir for the comments, am working on it.