Trouble Signing RBZ

Just now I tried 3 times to upload a new RBZ version to the EW page for Quantifier Pro. Each time got the ‘Failed to Upload RBZ’ pop-up notification.

@tt_su are these issues related?

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I just checked the signing page and it is still having the same issue. I’m hoping it is not too big of an issue to fix.

Can’t we just roll it back to the previous working version?

Maybe it is not as simple as that.

I didn’t even know about that page… 🤷


Not that simple I’m afraid. We have found the cause of it though. There was some infrastructure update that triggered this regression in the server configuration. A fix has been found, pending testing and deployment. I’ll know more later today when the US wakes up.


Do we have a rough ETA when this will be back up and running. I’m assuming that we are running into the holiday shortly so the fix may be next week?

I was thinking about trying the work around where I pull everything except for the .rb files out of the folder and then put them back in after it is signed and encrypted. However, won’t this invalidate the signature when I put all of the HTML and text files back?

I just tested out this by stripping everything out except for the .rb files however it still gives the same error message.

Is there any idea about an estimnated date for a solution. We cant make new builds for a day or 2 now and have customers waiting. Shouldnt this kind of issues be high priority issues and have some sort of a fall back mechanism so future problems wont last days ?
Dont get me wrong, i appreciate all efforts and information, but this is a critical process in the deliveries to the market and we cant affort to not sign builds for days.


I think we’ll be trying to get it out today. (But it’s not something I can guaranty.)

It’s not about non-rb files. The regression related to the size of the RBZ file. Only very small files pass through.

Yes, the signature would be invalidated.


We have pushed a fix up to the servers and so far things look good. @tt_su we’ll ping you as soon as the tests are confirmed positive, then you can move these through the queue. We’re optimistic we found and corrected the issue.


Tests all look good @tt_su


Thanks, Tests look good so far !


I am of the same opinion and my concern level is magnified even further since I basically retired my engineering clientele/business and became a full time developer about three years ago. For some of us developers our extensions are now our livelihood and our primary source of income. Pushing out bug fixes and new features is critical to maintain our momentum and our user’s interest and loyalty.

Thank-you for working on this issue and resolving it.

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