Making .RBZ is not working!

Hi, i am trying to sign / encrypt an RBZ of my extension, but i keep getting an error
“Oh No! There were some issues with your extension, please contact support.” I also get this on a file i signed last week without any problems.
This happened before, but mostly that was a server glitch and only lasted an hour orso. This already lasts a day.
Anyone ideas? This happened a while ago as well and took few days to fix it.

I tried, but it seems that google doesnt let me send you a RBZ file through email. Ill send a wetransfer

A RBZ is just a ZIP file. But Google may not know what it is, so you can either rename it or wrap the RBZ in a outer ZIP file.

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He Dan,

Did you receive my files?

Paul Houthuijzen

Dan Rathbun via SketchUp Forum schreef op 2022-03-22 22:24:

No, and please do not attempt to send them to me. (Ie, I have not given you my email anyway.)
I’m just a member here and I do not work for SketchUp. Direct your inquiry to @tt_su (Thomas).

I didnt mean to. I meant to ask Tom.

Hey Tom,
isnt there an error log available when an sign or encypt process fails? Or maybe another procedure to have a little more certainty that problems will be addressed within a reasonable time? Now we have no idea if the error is on your side or our side and we are waiting in the dark when something goes wrong, without any means to inform customers about delays and just hoping someone on the SU side is willing to inform us. 2 days ago all my RBZ got signed and encrypted flawless, since yesterday none passed.
Oops something went wrong, contact support! is not really a user friendly end result for such an important part of delivering products to market,
I’d be very much obliged with a little feedback on what we should expect (or not should expect)


Hi Tom,

Any update or progress on this issue?


Hi. I’ve been out of office for a few days. I’m still catching up on things. I’ve asked about a status on this.


Hi Sketchup,

Im sorry for being a pain, but there are not many other options than complain here on the forum, about an issue that breaks the most important process to deploy changes, so here goes…again.
Is there any progress on this issue? Anything at all?

The existence of this issue for weeks on end already (Tommorow a month!!)), the (none existing) service and the total lack of any feel of urgency is completely incomprehensible to me as a developer/company/client using the SU Api to develop extensions. Sadly, its not the first time, but this seems to be the avegrage service level when using the Api and running into issues.