Again issues with signing RBZ

Again i have issues signing an RBZ. No information, just the standaard Oh No! message.
Anyone experience similar?

(Your post is more related to Extension Warehouse for Developers category. I moved it into that.
Again :wink:)


Sure, i never know what category to post it in, but thank you

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I have 2 files, that are identical in size and in contents maybe only have minor differences. Maybe that helps to figure out the issue or might help to prevent it in the future?

Can you send the RBZ files to please?

Will do, Tom. ill send a wetransfer

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I send you both files.

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Any feedback? Still cant sign and its been 12 days already, its the 15th time orso that i have to wait to update my extensions to clients. This is really getting ridiculous. Im ok with errors and problems, but the lack of feedback or information about causes and possible solutions from a company like trimble, is appaling.

any updates? Another 8 days passed and counting…

Just checking, are you still having problems?

There is currently a problem with the RBZ Sign system. A simple rbz file also fails.
POST 500 Error appears to be occurring.


I wasn’t able to reproduce. Can you submit the RBZ you have submitted to ?

signing is working very well! Thank you.