Extension Signature Tool Failing to sign an Extension



I have been trying to sign two of my RBZ extensions for the past three days and the extension signature tool failed. I have signed my extensions before with success but now the tool seems to be not working. I tried signing other extensions, just to ensure that it is not the RBZ files being corrupted, yet it still outputed an error, which suggests there might be something wrong with the tool.

Can you guys see whats wrong with the extension signature tool?



It still doesn’t work.
It’s been like 2 weeks!

“Failed to move new rbz to public folder to download.”

Can someone have a look?




Same to me.

I’ve been trying for a couple of days. Always a temporary file error.

Did that with 3 different persons on 3 computers and 2 differents OS.

Tried an older rbz that was good, and does not work also