Trouble logging in


Hello folks. New to SketchUp Free and was hoping to use it for my woodworking projects. I am not able to return to my SketchUp sessions with issues logging back in. When using Internet Explorer 11 it states that the system is not compatible with this version and when using Chrome it does not accept my password. With Chrome I have reset my password twice and then inside my email gone back to login and it still does not recognize my new password I just reset. Scratching my head here on this one and would greatly appreciate any support. Thank you.


I will attempt to help with your inability to create an SU for Web account by pinging members of the SketchUp Team. Once the SU Team gets involved with this they may be able to correct the issue or at least they will be able to direct this conversation to the appropriate person if they can’t fix it themselves.

You should amend your post by sending me a Private Message with your email address. (It is preferred that you not post your private information publicly on the Forum.) That way I can forward your contact info to the SU Team members as soon as I receive it and that may help them to more quickly assist you.


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