Login fails: Reference ID: # 16a7e77f-9111-44bc-8f72-354ed46ab7f7

I’ve been using SketchUp Web successfully for several months. Now, what I get at login is:

  • Session timeout. Please try login from application.
  • If Problem Persists, Clear the browser cookies and login again.
Reference ID: # 16a7e77f-9111-44bc-8f72-354ed46ab7f7

Yes, I’ve cleared browser cookies and tried different browsers (Google Chrome + Firefox)
I’ve been getting this for a couple of days now.

Any thoughts?


How do you sign in? Using Apple ID or Goigle?

I signed in using Google, but the problem seems to have resolved itself as of this morning. Thanks, all.

  • Mike

might be a glitch in the matrix…